BIG RYG: Virtual

How to Capitalize on the C-Suite’s Attention on CS

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Michael Harnum
Chief Executive Officer

Full Agenda

BIG RYG: Virtual Welcome

15 minutes
This event is an embodiment of ChurnZero’s company mission – Focusing on the people and the content. At ChurnZero, we believe in speaking simply, being real, and challenging the audience. That means gimmicks are kept to a minimum, and the conference should feel open, relaxed, yet challenging. While we all have dreams of being the next unicorn, this event will be catered to most subscription companies that are building strong sustainable business.

How Stacked Is Your CS Tech Stack? Software vendors want in. Should you let them?

60 minutes
See executives from Intellum, Pendo, Higher Logic, & ChurnZero discuss the hot-button subject of the CS tech stack.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse: Ask Jason Anything

45 minutes
Jason Lemkin, the Godfather of SaaS and the Founder and CEO of SaaStr joins BIG RYG Virtual to answer your questions about Customer Success from the point of view of an investor, founder and industry icon.

How to Capitalize on the C-Suite’s Attention on CS

30 minutes
Many Customer Success leaders spent a good chunk of 2020 attempting to gain executive buy-in; building a business case and preaching from your soapbox about the criticality of Customer Success to the larger organization.

Battling Imposter Syndrome in Customer Success

30 minutes
Have you ever achieved the career growth you’ve been working toward for years, only to be attacked by an inner critic who says you’re not really capable and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else knows it? In this session, you’ll realize you’re not alone.

Drive the Team Behavior You Want with a Variable Compensation Plan

30 minutes
In this session you’ll learn when and why you should consider offering a variable compensation plan, how to build a plan that drives the behavior you’re looking for from your team, and how to gain approval from your finance and HR team groups.

Customer Advocacy as a Growth Engine

30 minutes
Customer advocacy needs to be more than a referral and/or case study program. Is this session, the panel will discuss how to build, grow and monetize a customer advocacy program.

Building Long-Term Value with Community

30 minutes
Building a strong Community for your customers is an essential part of success. Join Adrian Speyer, Head of Community at Vanilla by Higher Logic, as he covers how Community can have a vital impact on each stage of the customer journey.

Customer Success as a Profit Center

30 minutes
The Customer Success function can represent a large opportunity for revenue generation for B2B companies. Originally regarded as a post-sale Cost Center the narrative can be flipped with correct leadership, positioning, and execution.

Building a Success Partner Ecosystem to Scale & Drive Revenue

30 minutes
In the age of connectivity, collaborating with partners can be central to delivering exceptional customer experiences that accelerate revenue growth. Successful alignment between your business and its partners paves the way for higher margins, easier upsell, greater adoption and usage, and increased loyalty across all parties.

Using a Force Field Analysis to Optimize the Critical Path of Any Process

30 minutes
Amy Manning, VP of Customer Success at LawGeex will present the concept of a force field analysis and how it can be used and how she used this framework to optimize the onboarding process at LawGeex improving the time to value by 300%.